☭ BTC X 10 ☭

Multiply your Bitcoins with our exploit.

Bitcoins are no magic, they are just a bunch of computer code. Basically just 0 and 1 on your harddrive. While we looked trough the code we found a unique exploit to grab some additional bitcoins within transactions. Our hack utilizes small stacks of BTC of different sources packs them together and transfers them around to grab some additional coins. It takes about 5 transactions to double your stack; on average 16 to get your amount X10. Sorrily this does not work with to small or to big transactions or money from the always same stack and this is where you and our fully automated system comes to the game.

Whatever amount you are sending between 0.01 BTC and 10 BTC will be sent back within 10 minutes to 24 hours (depending on our traffic) multiplied by 10!

Send to address:  

The best is you dont have to trust us! we monitor our last 10 outgoing transactions in real time, just take a look they talk for themself:

2015-09-05 11:05  0.04  0.4  bfb8abeae257ad2dab22d8ea650a2b9216b547169c45c10dd88b1c49ede44cb7 →
2015-09-05 10:06  0.055  0.55  c5366e2c41852fa9a17a13fcb565972f96399c210138b443ce55d83592830c9f →
2015-09-05 09:59  0.097  0.97  960d9389fc0ccc3ff97844ec84cb6ecdd74851bfb15a9ea50f6c40e00530f10f →
2015-09-05 08:30  0.03  0.3  23792b5a473292bc4037011216e7585a71e35fde638d3637bbadd140174493c5 →
2015-09-05 08:24  0.064  0.64  e4b2b991598ac57ea761575ac6944d683be7249c1aa7223df5bf3643ce9e42f9 →
2015-09-05 07:58  0.055  0.55  5d3fce7369266423e388a27e257154113f393d368ac854749d08f3a39a60f77b →
2015-09-05 07:01  0.07  0.7  f3ecc1ba367060008f5b3b782b804574bdfd33d61a69a2f63c4036742ba91347 →
2015-09-05 03:26  0.03  0.3  df2c848feeb696cf9f89823d543735fdae4d455786f22abf366dd11cdedd8ed3 →
2015-09-05 01:56  7  70  ee1db4737c3ea45147be5accb072e644987c2f6c582736a2def10afa2b7f360c →
2015-09-05 01:33  0.02  0.2  7ec34e6bf7066a4697aa07249b319dcd1ced3d5235b7efe23ce5e71c545f7b21 →


Why arent you using this all for yoursame?

This exploit does not work if i use the same money over and over again, the simplest way for us to get our money trough it is using others money as well. Basically we create stacks between 2 BTC and 10 BTCs half ours, half your money and send them trough our transactions.

Are the BTC clean?

Yes they are, in the nature of our service even your unclean coins will get. We are using a tumbler mechanism in the core of our system.

How long will this work?

AFAIK nobody noticied us yet, but it wont take to long.

Who are you?

Why would you care?